Angela Thornton

Aesthetician, Founder, + Owner

Hello! I'm the owner!

My training was culturally motivated learning from holistic healing practitioners from around the globe--Russian to Japanese, East coast to West coast, UK to US. And my education only grows each and every day with MORE enthusiasm. I LOVE to learn, that is my secret.  My passion for holistic alternatives began in my early teens: I was misdiagnosed with a disease as a child and was put on a number of unnecessary mediations as I grew up. The result of these medications left me very unhealthy and unhappy. 

After befriending a holistic doctor who helped me find natural solutions for improving my health, I became enamored with the power of Mother Nature. This began my long journey towards a holistic lifestyle and eventually, a career as a holistic aesthetician. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy formulating botanicals, chemistry, travel, culture, theater, the arts, music, dance, nature, animals, delicious foods, reading, hockey games, blogging my newsletters, Pilates, biking, running, and spending time with my husband, stepchildren and my dogs, Snoopy and Belle.

I value my gifts now more then, clients, friends, co-workers, talents...are never again to be taken for granted as they were at times in my youth.