About Artisan


Artisan Skin Care's clients are women that are free-spirited, independently fabulous, and are not going to accept the fake beauty industry or their fake chemical damaging products! But instead would rather love themselves naturally.

My clients have one thing in common, they are people who simply CARE.

They care and value themselves enough to enjoy onlyholistic skin care treatments. They care about their skin, their health, and their environment. They are true natural beauties. They are looking for natural alternatives to the toxic, animal-tested, environmentally-polluting products that exist in the commercial beauty world. 

When people are confronted with the image of beauty, we believe they need encouragement NOT intimidation, positivity not negativity.

 Artisan Skin Care's message is simple: if you want to be beautiful, then you must be kind to yourself. My holistic facials and products teach you how to do this.      

Artisan Skin Care's Story: Established April 3, 2008


A dream that came true :) Artisan Skin Care's location was once called Exteriors Skin Care and was in business for about 15 years. I then purchased the business and renamed her Artisan Skin Care.

It was a VERY trying time back in 2008, the economy hit the middle class really bad. I remember a friend of mine said "You're either the biggest idiot, or the biggest genius right now?!"

So with that I took a leap of faith...We (husband, in-laws & I) did a HUGE renovation to Artisan (to say the least.) We put in new floors, rooms, walls, lights, paint, windows, furniture, bathroom, sinks, etc.

We have put a tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears into my business, and I couldn't be more proud (and don't regret a thing!). 

So now with over 8 years in business (and growing) I am so very grateful!